S&B™ Corporate Design

S&B devotes much of its efforts to custom projects for both individuals and companies.  A custom S&B™ watch is the ultimate in form & function, and allows for almost any business, association, group, or individual to have a unique and one-of-a-kind watch to represent them.  The time that S&B™ is willing to commit to custom and private projects is a rarity in the current market where custom watch choices for businesses, universities, and even individuals is very limited, and the major watch makers are unwilling to cater to the needs of small business.  S&B™ does more than a logo on a watch.

With industry low minimums, and the ability to guide the customer through the entire design and manufacturer process, S&B™ is trying to work with American businesses to rebuild the golden age of American watch design by delivering superior services for every company anniversary, military branch, and high school or college graduation. We work with the customer to design a custom dial, case, case back, band, and packaging.  Furthermore, S&B™ custom watches receive a two-year warranty and battery service.

S&B™ has made watches for many types of organizations including luxury retailers, TV shows, feature films, and sports teams.  Like all of our products, we approach the process differently than most custom watch companies.  We value small business and believe that the era of the cheap corporate watch is over and the era of truly exceptional custom watchmaking is ready to begin. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding custom design or private label work with S&B™ or the industry as a whole. We work only with a select few custom designs each year, so if you or your company are interested, contact us soon to ensure timely delivery.

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