What Type of Watch Is Best For A Law Enforcement Officer?

October 19, 2020

What Type of Watch Is Best For A Law Enforcement Officer?

The Battlefield at $59.95 gives you the best value for money and all of the durability, resistance, and style a LEO needs their wristwatch.

This blog is for you if you are

  • A Law Enforcement Officer or
  • Someone who wants to buy a watch gift for someone in law enforcement or any full contact profession.

We recently surveyed hundreds of LEOs in the United States to find out what a LEO would call the BEST WATCH for the business.

And from their feedback, we have compiled a list of the features our audience says the best watch for a LEO must have!

What makes a watch the Best Watch for a Law Enforcement Officer?

Durability – Not surprisingly, this was the number one requirement (according to the survey) for a watch fit for a LEO.

A law enforcement officer’s wristwatch should be tough enough to take a few hits without getting broken or scratched up. We think watches that use buckles and not clasps along with a soft strap in place of stainless steel are often more durable.

Check out S&B Battlefield if you’re looking for a durable wristwatch for your LEO friend or family

Affordability – A law enforcement officer wakes up every morning ready to pay the highest price – their life for the safety of the people they protect. To make a LEO pay out large amounts of money for a watch that will be used for everyday law enforcement, police, or security work is asking too much.

If you are involved in law enforcement or Tactical Duties you might want to check out the S&B Battlefield selling for $59.95 or the SANS-13 Chronograph Watch, selling at $349 if you are looking for something of a higher value.

Unassuming – According to the survey, wearing a flashy expensive watch can mean you are an unserious LEO – at least that’s what your colleagues or superiors would think.

Not to mention you don’t want to be the guy thinking about your expensive Rolex when there’s a crime is in progress.

A black non-reflective watch like the S&B Battlefield would be our choice.

Analog vs. Digital – While some of our responders prefer Analog watches, Digital seems to be the choice for most cops and law enforcement officers but why choose when you can have both in the S&B Battlefield which has both Digital and Analog seconds.

Night Light – for a patrol officer who has to spend time in the twilight hours push-button illumination is a huge plus.

However, not all LEOs are enthusiastic about night light as some mentioned in the survey, that it could give away your position at night time. If you are a LEO on patrol duty, the S&B Battlefield features EL Chip Backlighting to give you visibility in the darkest of nights.

If you would rather not give away your position, the SANS-13 Chronograph Watch will do the trick for you.

Personal Choice – There are many good wristwatches for a LEO – some under $100 like the S&B Battlefield and some others over $1000. Your choice depends on how much you are willing to risk. If you are okay with busting up a $1,000 watch during a street altercation, then you can get that TAG watch you like.

In our experience, we would recommend an inexpensive watch for duty and a higher-priced watch that reflects your taste for when you’re off duty time.

Get the best value for money and all of the durability, resistance, and style a LEO needs their wristwatch.

Every time you buy a Battlefield Watch, we donate one to a LEO, member of the armed forces, or first responder. So technically, you gift a LEO a watch with each purchase.

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