S&B Watch In 10 Minutes Gone Movie

September 06, 2019

S&B Watch In 10 Minutes Gone Movie

We set out on this journey in 2012. It started with three prototype watches and a desire to make our way into the watch world. Like most new brands getting exposure is always a challenge. We decided to start with Kickstarter, a crowd funding platform. We took out our cellphone and made a video on the phone with the watches and introduced it to the world. We were successful right out of the gate! We funded and got our first watch off the ground, The SANS-13. This was the first design of several that we offered on Kickstarter. 

Since our beginnings we have made several new designs and always upgrading them. We also started doing private label watches for several other companies, 15 companies in total to date. We have gone on to work with NBA teams, NASCAR, and large corporation commemorative pieces. 

We have been in a Discovery Channel series and on TV. Our latest accomplishment is working with Bruce Willis and Mike Chiklis in the movie, 10 Minutes Gone. We are proud to be the main prop/focus of the movie! This movie will release on Sept. 27, 2019, in 3 weeks. You can see the movie trailer here.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMA9WNU8kew

We are preparing for our final Kickstarter in October with the release of the new Atlantis, A2. This is our way to commemorate  where we began a little over 7 years ago and we keep growing. We feel so humbled and blessed to have started from a small no budget video with the SANS-13 to it being the main focus of a Hollywood film starring Bruce Willis, using the SANS-13 2.0. This is a dream come true for us. 

As we move into the future S&B will be expanding our product offerings in many ways to give you more great quality products. Follow us for whats coming next it is sure to be exciting!


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