Smith & Bradley Movement Breakdown: Part One, The Sans-13

July 15, 2013

Undeniably the movement is the most important part of the watch. Without a good movement the best case and band face and dial in the world would be useless The movement is the engine that drives the watch and, just like with cars, the best watches in the world are defined by their engine.

At Smith & Bradley we build all of our watches from the movement out. This means that the first step in our design process is selecting the movement that we think will best work in the watch. In the next couple of blog entries we will be talking about each movement that we use individually and highlighting the strengths and even some of the weaknesses of the movements. We want our customers to know as much as possible about the form and the function of Smith & Bradley Watches.

With this background drop let's jump right into talking about the movement of our Sans-13 watch which we are currently launching on Kickstarter. The Sans-13 tactical watch uses the Rhonda 6003. D, 4 Jewel Swiss quartz movement. This movement is part of Ronda's Mastertech series which supplies the movement for TAG Heuer watches, among others.  The movements approximately 11 1/2 inches and has a 40 month battery life. In contrast with many larger watches produced presently, the 6003. D is a full-size movement rather than a small movement and a large case. This is the only way that we were able to achieve the proper level of durability and function.


One unique function of the 6003.D is the ability to pull out the crown and conserve the battery output by 70%.  This  feature is useful if you do not plan on using the watch for an extended period of time.  

The Sans-13 is a workhorse of a watch that will serve in the field and clean up for the office.  The Ronda 6003.D allows the Sans-13 to achieve this goal and to blend form and function.

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