The Ambush Deconstructed

October 06, 2014

The Ambush, the third watch that we launched on Kickstarter, successfully funded on September 11, 2014.  Once again we were blown away by the support for the project.  Like all Kickstarter projects, the page is still live, so you can check out the project, but we wanted to tell a little bit about the build plan for the project.

At Smith & Bradley, we pride ourselves on our build quality and the fact that we take the time to build our watches at our Sidney, Illinois workshop.  While we love American business, and do everything that we can to support the American-Made cause, there is also a good reason for us to assemble the Ambush in-house.  Quality control and familiarity.  We will be handling all of the service on the watch, and we want to guarantee the build quality.  At the end of the day, nobody cares about assembling our watches properly more than we do.

We designed the Ambush from the ground up--from the white board, to the electronic renderings, to the molds and mock-ups.  Given the complexity of the movement and the design, we have sourced the watch from all over the world.  In order to find the perfect combination for the Ambush, we receive custom crystal from Switzerland, steel from Germany, and straps from the USA.  Of course the heart of the watch is a Swiss movement.  When each piece arrives at our shop, we inspect it for quality, and the build process begins. 

Recently we acquired some new build stations, and are expanding our operation.  Stay tuned for pictures soon. From initial quality control, to final inspection of the finished product, the Ambush takes well over an hour to build. We set the hands to the dial, and assemble the watch top-to-bottom.

After assembly, the work is not complete.  We pressure test our watches and package them up ourselves. It is truly a labor of love, but one we know makes each Smith & Bradley watch a worthwhile tool. 

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