The Evolution of Atlantis

June 30, 2014

Over 2 years ago when we started Smith and Bradley, we launched with one watch, the Atlantis diver. After months of research and development we produced a watch that blended form and function and helped establish our place in the market. Two years later we are commemorating our first edition of the Atlantis with the new American-built Dive watch. This is a watch that combines classic diver styling with hand built Smith & Bradley construction and design elements.

Like all of our automatic offerings the Atlantis is hand built in Sidney, Illinois, and features the venerable ETA 2824-2 movement. The Atlantis has been a work in progress for nearly a year as we perfected the design and build in order to commemorate our company's two year anniversary.


The Atlantis american-built dive watch is the cornerstone of the Smith & Bradley line. When we launched with the original Atlantis 2 years ago we spent months and development researching the best movement in case is available to deliver a high-quality watch at a reasonable price.  In order to achieve this goal, we turned to our loyal backers on Kickstarter to help us develop an Atlantis automatic dive watch that was fully built at our shop in Sidney, Illinois.  While the new production Atlantis has many upgrades from the Kickstarter Atlantis, it stays true to its design roots.

On the way to successfully funding on Kickstarter the Atlantis was fortunate enough to gain recognition from numerous watch blogs, and even graced the cover of Recoil Magazine. The Atlantis that we delivered to our backers on Kickstarter truly embodies our dedication to build quality and high precision construction, and we were totally pleased with the results.

Despite the success, we were not done perfecting the Atlantis watch. Based on significant input from our backers, and tireless design and refinement, we have launched the new and upgraded Atlantis American-built dive watch on our website and with selected retailers. We made many upgrades from our Kickstarter offering, and are now proud to offer to the general public a truly unique and beautiful watch that blends form and function.

The Atlantis is a totally original design perfected by Jerommie Smith, and is totally built from the bottom up at our shop in Sidney Illinois.  It features a full 316-L bead blasted stainless steel case, dual coded anti-reflective sapphire crystal, and a 100% original and custom designed bead blasted stainless steel band manufactured specifically for the Atlantis. As is our custom, we have sourced the components for the Atlantis from across the globe from Germany, to Switzerland, to Hong Kong, to the USA. 

As we have expressed in the past we decided to build all of our automatic offerings onsite in the USA because it allowed us a level of control that is simply not attainable when production takes place at an off site facility. We construct the band ourselves we build the watch ourselves and we service and guarantee the watch ourselves. American built is more than a marketing slogan, and we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of American quality at a reasonable price and with versatile and beautiful designs.

While there are numerous  important upgrades and design changes between our Kickstarter Atlantis and our production Atlantis, the primary changes are as follows. First and foremost the Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movement rather than the Seagull st 2130 movement is used.  No doubt the Seagull movement its sturdy, accurate and dependable, but we felt that using a Swiss ETA movement would increase the level of movement quality to that commensurate with our level of finish and build quality. We have bead blasted each case of the Atlantis dive watch to provide increased durability and a smooth, subtle, and understated look. The case back of the production Atlantis has changed as well. The new case back is fully engraved rather than laser engraved, and a thinner case back is used than the Kickstarter case back which we found streamlines the watch and makes it more comfortable for wear. Our production Atlantis also includes a solid 316 L stainless steel bracelet that we designed specifically for the watch. This provides increased durability and performance while also adding to the overall weight and balance of the watch.


More subtle yet substantial refinements include knurling on the crown and a more sophisticated 3 O-ring sealing system for the screw down crown to ensure perfect watertight performance. Additionally rather than a painted bezel, we opted for a stainless steel embossed bezel on our production level Atlantis. These  changes were the results of our quest to provide the best timepiece to our consumers at a reasonable price and where do in large part from the feedback which we received from our Kickstarter backers whom we credit substantially with the end result.

Check out the Atlantis for yourself.

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